Embedded Aigaion Query 2020

S. Ultes
Towards Natural Spoken Interaction with Artificially Intelligent Systems
Invited Talk at Bielefeld University, April 2020


S. Ultes
Decision Making for Natural Spoken Human-Machine Dialogue
Invited Talk at Tübingen University, November 2019


S. Ultes
Natürliche Sprachinteraktion mit künstlichen intelligenten Systemen
Invited Talk at Trier University, April 2018

S. Ultes
Towards Natural Spoken Interaction with Artificial Intelligent Systems
Keynote at the 29th Conference on Electronic Speech Signal Processing (ESSV), March 2018

S. Ultes
Addressing Objects and Their Relations
Invited Talk at Apple Inc. UK, February 2018


S. Ultes
Domain-independent User Satisfaction Reward Estimation for Dialogue Policy Learning
Invited Talk at Ulm University, Germany, December 2017

S. Ultes
Statistical Spoken Dialogue Systems
Invited Talk at Daimler AG, Ulm, Germany, December 2017

S. Ultes
Reinforcement Learning in Statistical Spoken Dialogue Systems - A User Perspective
Invited Talk at the University of Granada, Spain, November 2017


S. Ultes
User-centred Adaptive Dialogue Modelling
Invited Talk at the Dialogue Systems Group at the University of Cambridge, UK, March 2015


W. Minker, M. Sidorov and S. Ultes
Dialogue Systems Research at Ulm University---Adaptive Speech Interfaces for Technical Companions
Turkish-German Multimodal Interaction Symposium, Istanbul, November 2014, November 2014


S. Ultes, T. Gasanova, R. Sergienko, M. Sidorov, D. Zaykovskiy and W. Minker
Research at Ulm University
Presentations at Siberian Federal University and Siberian State Aerospace University, Krasnoyarsk (Russia), September 2013