PhD Supervision

Graph-Based Entity Models for Dialogue State Tracking

Nicholas Walker, Norwegian Computing Centre / University of Oslo, Co-Supervision with Pierre Lison
status: ongoing

Towards Human-like Natural Language Generation in Spoken Dialogue Systems

Ye Liu, Mercedes-Benz AG / Ulm University
status: ongoing

Dynamic User Assistance Using Argumentative Dialogues

Isabel Feustel, Ulm University
status: ongoing

Co-operative Problem Solving Through Argumentative Dialogue

Annalena Aicher, Ulm University
status: ongoing

  • Argumentative dialogue system to break the personal filter bubble by assisting a user in getting a broader insight into a (controversial) topic
  • Advanced NLU that incorporates deep argumentation structures

Automatic generation of pragmatic paraphrases for dialogue systems

Louisa Pragst, Ulm University
status: ongoing

  • Adapting the verbalisation of abstract meaning representations of system actions through pragmatic paraphrasing
  • Evaluation and development of dialogue vector models for pragmatic paraphrasing

Argumentative Dialogue Systems

Niklas Rach, Ulm University
status: completed in January 2022

  • Deep argumentation structures for non-cooperative dialogue
  • Automatic creation of argument structures, i.e., arguments andtheir relation to other arguments and a main claim

The role of communication styles within spoken human-machine interaction

Juliana Miehle, Ulm University
status: completed in December 2021

  • Analysing the role of communication styles within a human-machine spoken interaction through user studies
  • Estimating user communication styles and selecting system communication styles for spoken dialogue systems